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Each graduate student (doctoral student) who wants to obtain a scientific degree of a candidate (doctor of science) must have publications reflecting the main results of the dissertation research. Also, scientific articles are necessary in obtaining academic status (associate professor, professor), the implementation of the plans of an organization or university, researchers, students. Now we are going to talk about importance of articles and article writing helper services.

Conditions and prices

It is important that the dissertation for the degree of candidate (doctor) of sciences can be accepted for protection only if there are published in accordance with the rules and in the required number of scientific articles. These articles should be predominantly published in journals included in the list of scientific, as well as in foreign journals. Most publications carry out postgraduate publications on a fee basis, as well as on condition that the author complies with the requirements (compliance with the structure of a scientific article, correct design, no plagiarism, etc.). Publications on a free basis are also possible, but there are fewer such publishers, the requirements (as a rule) are higher, and the timeline for publication can be extended by a year or even more, since first of all they publish the works of well-known or affiliated authors, as well as paid for informally. .

An applicant for a scientific degree should understand that it is necessary to write and publish scientific articles and take into account all article writing requirements. By this he or she will show that work on his dissertation is not in place and the curriculum is being implemented. But the main thing is that all publications of a graduate student (doctoral student) must be published before the dissertation is accepted for defense. At the same time, the publication of articles in various publishing houses does not always happen quickly; In addition, you can’t publish more than one article by one author in one issue.

It will also not look very good if all articles come out of print for a month or two before protection.

This may cause unnecessary thoughts among members of a specialized scientist (dissertation) council, reviewers and other participants in the attestation process.

In fact, the realization of the need to do something comes to the graduate student mainly as urgently needed – the sudden appearance of an unexpected request from the university immediately report on the work done, the threat of deduction from the graduate school, approaching the date of the thesis defense, and so on. Most candidates for a doctorate act according to a proven student rule – to do everything on the last night. However, a young scientist who does not have enough experience to produce a meaningful and original text in a few hours is an insoluble task.

A student can copy, paste, format, and submit (and forget) something. However, such an approach is no longer acceptable for published works, at least from the point of view of plagiarism. As a result, the author is searched for in the regime of all-a-time job, which, for a limited number of days or even hours, should solve a problem that suddenly fell on the head of a young scientist.

You can write an article yourself. And if you do not have enough time or scientific ideas – you can order its implementation from us. We will choose topics on article writing having your previous paper great experience and will be happy to assist you.